In a well-furnished kitchen there are not only crystal goblets and silver platters, but waste cans and compost buckets---some containers used to serve fine meals, others to take out the garbage.
Become the kind of container God can use to present any and every kind of gift to his guests for their blessing.
" You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies." Psalm 23:5

Monday, November 29, 2010

HAPPY THANKSGIVING but where did the time go????

Once again Thanksgiving has flown by and I forgot to get all the pictures I wanted to post here. Hunter was going to sit here because we had soup and he is two years old and still makes a mess. He made it about 5 minutes and then dedcided he wasn't hungry and wanted to go play. For Christmas I am looking for a childs table because Ellie will be here too and I thought they would like their own little space.

I think the table setting came out well. I struggled with what to do with the napkins. I had napkin rings to match the chargers but decided at the last minute to just put them under the plate. We had Chicken Wild-Rice Soup and the top plate was removed after the guest finished their soup. The first time I made this soup and it came our really well. My hubby just ate two bowls last night. I found suckers for favors..I thought they were white chocolate but they were not..OH WELL.

We had pumpkin and apple pies which had to be made twice. I was really having a hard time with my treats this year. The pie crust just kept falling apart so I had to change the recipe a little and was able to get two pretty good pies but had to throw away three not so good pies...OUCH!! that hurt. There were rice krispies bars made into leaf and pumpkin shapes too!!

We had four adult guests and then my husband and myself and one grandchild. I tried a cage free Turkey this year but wasn't overly impressd by the bird. There were mashed red potatoes and turkey gravy of course. The classic green bean casserole, corn for Hunter and his daddy, two dressings one plain and the other with extra celery, onions, apples, crasins and pecans added. Sweet potatoes and cranberries funished by Auntie Jo-Jo (as Hunter would say) A vegetable salad furnished by my daughter (Hunter's mommy) and a Harvest Waldorf salad ( you add pears and crasins to a classic waldorf salad. We must not forget the potato rolls.

We had cappuccino caramels which by the way came out a little harder than I would like so I will have to be careful with the new candy thermometer at Christmas candy making time. I made glazed pecans and glazed almonds which were a big hit. They are so easy and really would make a nice hostess gift. I posted them on the food blog lefsagirlsinthekitchen. We also had the traditional Chex party mix and caramel corn.

Haystacks one chocolate and one butterscotch. I usually make these only at Halloween. Very easy one bag of melted chips, one cup peanuts and one cup chow mein noodles mix all together and plop on wax paper till cooled. I made this orange walnut fudge but it just dried up so I threw that away also. The flavor wasn't bad but the texture was so dry. Candy making is an art and very sensitive I am going to tweak that recipe before putting into my cookbook.

We went to Ikea before the holiday and purchased some Glogg which I forgot to serve and will use for Christmas. I made a cranberry hot wassail and it was really good. I also had a variety of teas, cocoas and instant flavored ciders. The kids like cocoa with sprayed whip cream and chocolate sprinkles and syrup drizzle ..opps.. and marshmallows. I make a little beverage center out of a wine bar that I have and people can just help themselves to what ever they like. I use an electric tea pot for hot water. We always have fresh hot coffee with a variety of flavored creamers. Yep..I really over do every year...

Hunter mostly had sprayed whip cream and did not like the cherry on top.
I am really struggling with a lot of pain in my right arm so getting dinner together took a toll. I guess I will have to go to the doctor or admit I am getting older and just can't do it all by myself anymore. I have cut back and downsized my food but I so love to bake and create so it is difficult. When you see your guest enjoy the food it just brings so much joy for all the hard work you put into it. I am resting up for Christmas and am not able to use my arm as much at the computer so I hope you enjoy this family time and will be back for a Christmas update.
Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 12, 2010


Tuesday I had to go with my daughter to the doctor. She had a baby appointment and Hunter had to get a flushot booster. Why they can't do just one shot is mind boggling, Anyway Hunter was just fine going to the doctor as he put it " to get an owie" . When we returned to gammies house we decided to make cookies for the food blog, and it keeps him real busy for awhile.
He just loves to bake with grammy

WE are messy cooks

Hunter is trying to scoop up some of the flour he spilled or maybe he is just playing with it

He loves pouring the ingredients in but his aim is a bit short sometimes and grammy has to help, which is diffult for a two year old to agree with. He likes to do it all himself.

These cookies are called Pfeffernusse, a German Holiday cookie. We like them and Hunter enjoyed licking the beater so they must not have been to spicy.

Monday, November 1, 2010


First we had dinner: Autumn Pork Roast, Waldorf Salad, Halushky, Fresh Pineapple and Roasted New Potatoes with carrots
(waldorf salad)
( Halushky)

Hunter arrived first and didn't want to put on his monkey head so grammy bribed him with a kitkat...trick or treat grammy, open open...he wanted candy/

Ellie is new to this whole trick or treat thing and she is walking

Hunter met her so he could show her the ropes on how it is done

Is this for me grammy?
(can you see the bag?)

Hunter was there any juice in here grammy?

Don't I make a cute bumble bee?

I think I need a big boy cup

I like my cup...its purple

would you take the sippy lid off for me grammy?

Harvest Chocolate Pie...what a way to end the evening

We are off to plan Thanksgiving now hope I don't wear out before Christmas