In a well-furnished kitchen there are not only crystal goblets and silver platters, but waste cans and compost buckets---some containers used to serve fine meals, others to take out the garbage.
Become the kind of container God can use to present any and every kind of gift to his guests for their blessing.
" You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies." Psalm 23:5

Monday, August 31, 2009


WELCOME: Eleanor Lorraine Rolfzen
It has been quite a journey for my son, Michael, and his wife Karla to bring this little one into the world. They had to go through several processes to become pregnant and then when they did last year she miscaried , Noah Michael, It was between 16 and 18 weeks he was 7 inches long and about a half of a pound. It was a very sad day to say the least. Both his sisters were pregnant and all were having boys, they would have all been a few months apart.

But God has a time for everything and a plan for us all and it would not be long before little Ellie would be concieved. Although we would think she was a boy, her mommy didn't want to know what it was. She carried like it was a boy and the heart rate was just like her daddy, so some of us thought she would be a boy. Including a few of the doctors. Because she was high risk she had lots of ultasounds and doctors visits.
What a wonderful surprise to find out she was a girl.
Her daddy was just as happy because she is healthy.
I think this is what her mommy needed a beautiful baby girl,
who by the way looks alot like her.

After about 17 hours of labor they decided to do a c-section. There was no progress being made
and the contractions were hard and difficult for Karla. She did a great job. She went as long as she could with no meds, a very brave women. WE got a real gem with her for a daughter-in-law

And then there she was..grandmas pride and joy, a brand new baby granddaughter. I couldn't believe it was a girl..but there she is. Think of all the tea parties and baking sessions we will enjoy. She seemed to be very content and didn't mind at all to be passed around from grandpa to grandma to daddy. She is named for Karlas grandmother who passed and Michaels Grandmother who passed both a few years ago. They were both in their eighties.
they will be remembered fondly in Eleanor .

And a very proud daddy he is.
He was 3 pounds 6 ounces and two months early.
His daughter is 6 pounds 14 ounces and 3 weeks early
(she doubled his birth weight).

Mom and son and a very good son he is.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I was able to capture of few cloud pictures

I have enjoyed others sharing theirs

The sunset doesn't come through as preatty as it really is

The colors really are beautiful
My daughter-in-law was having contractions this evening so we were waiting to hear some news but baby Rolfzen just wasn't ready and decided to go back to sleep. The doctor did say she thinks this weekend . She is a high risk pregnacy so we have been praying for a safe an healthy delivery. Her due date was Sept 18 but the baby looks good so a little early should not be a problem. I know what that is like beacuase all my children were premies. It can be a little overwhelming at times but so far her pregnancy has been going very well .
We will be waiting patiently this weekend to see what God provides.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FURNITURE HUNTING for the cottage

Well...this picture certainly does nothing for me but it was fun. I think my sister Jean sent me a birthday card this year with two ladies sitting in a chair like this, it was very humorous. We are hunting for new furniture for the cottage. We sold a lot of stuff at the moving sale because it was too big for the new place and we don't have as much room. I do love the space we have and it seems big enough for the two of us, it feels spacious, wether it is doesn't matter because it feels just right to me and I love it. We also didn't want to move the big heavy things and now we can have what ever we find delivered. I found a buffet that will go well with the new table and will purchase it next week. I think I have decided on a sofa, chair and ottoman in micro-fiber,still thinking about it and will hopefully purchase that next month. The Lazy-boy rocker recliner will have to wait until Fathers Day. Guess who that is for? We are settling in nicely and really liking the new space. We were looking at the moon last evening from our telescope, it was amazing and so was the sunset. I will try and see if my camera will take those pictures at dusk, not sure if it is fancy enough for that. I am sort of a simple girl with basic tastes, nothing to fancy or complicated for me. I am really looking forward to all the Holiday baking in my new kitchen..OH HOW I LOVE TO BAKE. My September baking is usually Applecake, Carrotcake, Zucchini Bread, lots of apple pies, and I will try a few new apple recipes. Lat year it was pumkin -apple muffins and everyone liked them, they have a little crunch topping and it makes the muffin. They co-workers at the post office love my treats and my husband takes all the extras there so we won't over do here. Looking forward to the Fall Season...I love the Fall and all the beautiful colors it brings.

Monday, August 24, 2009


We finally made it after 10 days of moving things we packed up the last load yesterday and closed up the house . I think the new owners will enjoy it as much as we did.
I love my new place and so close to everything. I have found the farmers market which will be fun to explore and purchase all my fresh veggies for the rest of the summer. I am looking into finding a community garden site, my daughter-in-law recommended. We have lovely views of the sunsets. The swimming pool is almost complete but now I have to purchase a new swimsuit. I think this move was a good thing even though some things will be missed there is always new things to look forward to. We are moving into a new life after 50 and it looks very promising.
Soon we will have a new grandchild maybe two weeks yet but we are all excited.
God has been gracious and I thank Him everyday for supplying all our needs and even a few extras. May God Bless You

Thursday, August 20, 2009


No pictures to share at this time. I have a wireless internet source that was slow and now with the move is even slower. It takes too long to upload and I am still moving in and moving out of the other place so time is short. I will be changing back to cable when I have the T. V. and phone hooked up. Remember when TV was free??? We have been trying to decide wether to go DISH or CABLE . With the bundle I think we will try Cable for a year. There are things that will be missed leaving a very small town and more country life but I guess at heart I am more a city girl. The change will be good for my hubby who has developed quite an anxiety issue. The loss of his parents was dificult and the town we were in keeps reminded us both of the last few years before they died. Change can be good and I am looking forward to the new adventure. Oh yeah.. we will be only a mile away from the new grandbaby who will be born in the next few weeks( we think it is a boy but his mommy didn't want to know) That can't hurt...we love our grandkids.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Here is the new table and chairs I found on sale.
It works well in the new space.
I had a large oak table and chairs but gave it to my son
when they bought their new home.
I thought they would be having more of the family dinners ,
their house is larger than mine was. Something about your mothers
cooking always seems better I guess. I am still having most of the dinners.
I can't wait to dress it up.
The move is going well but we are not as young as we once were
and it was not as easy. I tried to tell hubby to have the table delivered
but he thought that was silly, now he wishes he did. IT WAS VERY HEAVY.
Hope to be enjoying some of those meals soon, real soon

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Broccoli-Potato Cheese Soup
As you can see the dinnerware reflects that we are moving.

I have been packing and painting frames.
I am working on a collage of pictures to put in the hallway and wanted all the frames to match.
My nose is full of spray paint but the frames are looking good.
I used up most of the potatoes that were left in my soup.
I love this soup.
I hope to get a little more of the harvest before the final day.
I will begin moving some things this Thursday.
I have purchased a new tables and chairs for the dinning area and have to have that picked up so I might as well begin moving in. ( there were on clearence)
I am ready for a rest before bed .
Have a good evening all.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I really enjoyed church today.
It was all about dirt.
I have heard Bible Talks on this subject before
This was by far the most interesting.
I will share just a portion.
HARD DIRT--produces a hard heart
SHALLOW DIRT--generates fizzled faith
THORNY DIRT--affixiates a faith-bearing life
(managing life apart from GOD)
GOOD DIRT--yields a fruit-bearing life.

After church my husband and I were talking and we realized that we had both been somewhere between thorny dirt and good dirt. We both want to be good dirt so we will be tilling hard in our garden called life and removing as many weeds as possible, the ones that interfere with GODS plan. I really love Sundays ,they really help to prepare you for the week ahead.
May God bless you all today.

Friday, August 7, 2009


This is why we call Hunter our little monkey.He really is a riot to watch. He has brought so much joy to our life. I hope he is happy and healthy with his new caregiver.


With the move comes lots of changes.
The one we regret most is losing Hunter.
His mommy has decided to put him in daycare.
WE are going to miss his little face everyday and
all the funny things he does.
But mommy feels it is time for some interaction with other children.
I don't agree but she is his mother and has the difficult
task of raising him to the best of her ability.
Grandpa is having a very hard time with this decision
After losing both his parents in the past 3 years
he has been clinging to his family more.
He loved to come home from work and see the little monkey.
He really has helped with his grief process.
and now for new beginnings...
I will enjoy having some time to myself to be able to do those things I enjoy.
When we moved here 9 years ago I was working,
then I was taking care of Pauls parents,
then a short break and I was taking care of Hunter.
So as sad as it will be to lose Hunters daily visits
it will also be nice to have some alone time for me.
( something I have never had)
Grandpa and Grandma have become very attached to this little guy.
I pray for Gods guidance in his life,
for his mother to put his needs first
for his father to take an active role in parenting
and for Gods blessings and protection .
We love you Hunter and we will miss you.
Sometimes it is hard being a grandparent.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Here are the pictures I was going to share earlier
I love fresh garden produce.
After having food from the garden the store stuff just isn't as good
A garden really spoils you.
After the move I will be searching out the farmers market
I was able to buy some really good honey last year.
I could ask my brother" season of the beekeepers"
I think that is his blog, but it is to far to ship.
It will be a new adventure for me to search out new things
A new journey is always exciting and there will be lots more time for reading.
I will be making weekly visits to the new library, maybe even see if they
would give me a part-time job???
With the move comes a heavy heart. Little Hunter will be in daycare now.
We will miss him a lot but hopefully there will still be many visits. I have a video of our little monkey I will post tomorrow because it takes 20 minutes to upload.
hope it comes out... you will see why we call him monkey.


Well there I was harvesting beans and potatoes and so proud of my little garden. I came inside to take some pictures to share and when I went to flash the battery said it was to low for pictures. I am charging the camera and hope to share later. Packing is going slowly but it is going. We will be moved by September 1 if all goes well. I have bought a few of those healthy T.V. dinners, my poor husband, they aren't too bad. It makes it so much easier for the days when I am to tired to cook. Dinners will be back to normal in a couple of weeks , I am still cooking a couple nights a week. Had a great talk with my baby sister last night..I sure do miss her as well as the rest of the family. Hope to make a trip out there early next year. We have a new baby comming in a few weeks grandchild number 5 can't wait to see what it is..I think boy but his mother to be would like a girl, my son I think would like a boy..the first one was a boy but they lost it.. anything healthy is ok with me and the pregnancy is doing very well this time and so is the mommy. Can't wait for the new little one to join us..we are sooo excited.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well the grandkids are gone along with all the noise and mess, I am sure after a time I will miss it but Hubby and I are making a move to town. There will be lots to do in the coming weeks packing, sorting, getting rid of all the stuff we have collected in the past 9 years, even a yard sale--maybe I could make a little money in the process. The drive back and forth during winter has become to much for Paul and we decided to move closer to work. This last winter was bad and we are looking toward retirement so we will begin a new life in a bigger town, St. Cloud. WE will be close to my son Michael and our new grandchild which is exciting. There will be many gardens to walk through and share and then there is the new Library which will be fun to visit and maybe I will even get a part-time job. All this freedom to experience new things. I have missed being close to things and we will finally be able to be more involved at church. All in all it will be a good thing. I look forward to sharing a new beginning with you all.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

need help

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I dont know how to fix that problem and I am not sure how I am doing it ANY SUGGESTIONS?
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This store was going out of business so
I was able to pick up a doll for Alyssa for 7 dollarsI will have to find some clothes for it ,a customer told me
Target might have some.
Madelyn was getting a Build-a-Bear with her
birthday money and to distract Alyssa we took
her next door and found this great deal
It is the cutest thing. They name it, put a heart in it
and recieve a certificate where they have
chosen stickers with a personality you pick out

Buil-A-Bear..Madelyn chose this one

picked a heart to put inside

put her heart inside

filled it with fluffand then went to choose some clothes
I was busy with Alyssa and grandpa forgot to get
pictures of the cute clothes she chose
and I forgot to take a final picture when we got home.
It is so much fun to watch you grandchildren enjoying
a day filled with special times

Alyssa and Madelyn with Dora a big highlight of the day
Nick and the girls, Madelyn really like this ride as long as her daddy went with.
She went a couple of times, grandma was surprised.
Alyssa was the best age for all the rides ,she enjoyed them the most.

American Girl, Alyssa would like grandma to buy her a doll
maybe for her birthday I said
We strongly encouraged the books both girls love to be read to.
They have the itsy bitsy dolls for 3 year olds

Alyssa had a really good time

and then there was Carter who didn't get to enjoy anything and was still very happy