In a well-furnished kitchen there are not only crystal goblets and silver platters, but waste cans and compost buckets---some containers used to serve fine meals, others to take out the garbage.
Become the kind of container God can use to present any and every kind of gift to his guests for their blessing.
" You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies." Psalm 23:5

Friday, January 28, 2011


Well we did good for the first week. I went to bed very early last night because Hunter will be spending the night and all day Saturday so I needed the extra rest. When his mommy works late we have him for Supper and even put him to bed for a few hours. She works in retail so she picks him up at around 9:30 p.m. It makes for a long day with Ellie coming at 7:30 a.m. but we are working out the kinks. I am trusting the Lord for the extra energy I will need...and the extra patience. This night I took Hunter swimming so I could sit in the hot tub and relax my aching body. He did good and although he doesn't like the bubbles in the hot tub he let me sit there for a few minutes . First we go swimming in the pool then he sits on the stairs of the hot tub and grammy sits below the hot, relaxing water.

He loves to put movies in and out of the DVD player so I decided to let him use our small DVD player we use in the car. This helps to not have to discipline him so much about taking the movies in and out after 5 minutes of watching them. His favorite is Barney, that gets about 15 minutes. He also loves Little Rascals but I am a little concerned that he doesn't understand it is make-believe and may want to copy some of those stunts they do . Hunter can be fearless about somethings.( this is not a good thing)

Eleanor enjoyed her day playing with Hunter and even a little time entertaining herself. They both like the doodle toys that you draw on. She spent a fair amount of time coloring on the Easel I got at IKEA. (this was a good thing) I have to watch her because sometimes she will put the crayons in her mouth.

Hunter LOVES playdough but Eleanor is a little young yet although she enjoyed watching and squishing some in her hands.

I am currently looking for a folding table and chairs where the kids can play and do crafts. We are using the kitchen floor until I can get one. Maybe the constant up and down on the floor helped to make the body a little more achy then think? I was sure happy for the hot tub that night.

I really like a clean house but this is something I will try and get use to not having while the little ones are here. I am trying to focus on what good I can do for them and what Godly qualities I can help them develop. The world they will be growing up in is far more selfish and greedy then the one I grew up in. They both have such sweet spirits now and my hope is they don't lose that as they grow and experience the trappings of how this world will treat them. Some of the stuff I hear on the news is scary. The bullys in the school system are greater than ever and not much is being done about it.
We will be learning how to put on the whole armor of God, now if I can figure how to get a 2 year old and one year old to listen and apply this principle we will be all set.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hunter David (named after my dad) loves ice cream. Just like my dad:) He definitely got some of that Burnson blood and taste for sweet things.
He gets a lot of it at the other grandparents and even learned to sip the melted ice cream from his bowl before the age of 2. We are a bit more careful here because he is a VERY high energy child and this grandma believes sugar makes a difference. (no one else does) I have been watching him one day a week to see if it will be possible to go full time and things are working out quite well . The last year in daycare has been good in some areas and not so good in others but we are getting along really well. He is able to do a lot more on his own and only has the occasional 2 year old melt down. This usually means he is tired and the longer he stays awake the more wound up he gets. The last couple of weeks we have been working through all the kinks of daily life with a 2 year old and I feel good that the Lord will see me through this. I will have to remember that I am no longer 20 or 30 or even 40 and when taking him swimming I must be careful of my arm. He loves to be thrown in the air and jump from the side. I will be suffering over the weekend but he had so much fun it was worth it. Soon it will be him and Ellie...I hope they get along, she will be two in Aug and he will be three. Right now, when they are together, they are best friends. His favorite song is Jesus Loves Me. I found a book with this song made into a story at Barnes and Noble. I read it before nap time. I tried to close it at the end of the story but the song, with music ,is at the back of the book. Hunter does not think the story is finished until you sing the song...he knows every word. The look and smile on his face was so precious it almost made me cry. I hope to be able to share Gods Love with both of them and help develop their love for the Lord.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Here we are in another year with all the new challenges it brings. My son and his wife (parents of Eleanor) will be having baby number 2 in July. My youngest daughter will be having a baby girl on February 25 (c-section) unless she goes into labor earlier. (Hunters mother) Both families will find it difficult to afford two in daycare. My daugher can't afford it and is the main provider for her family, she does not have the option to quit her job, she will always have to work. I know she would love to stay home at least for now to raise her children but then they would be homeless. She is looking for a better paying job but she is in retail and those hours are not family friendly.
This brings me to my prayerful challenge. I was praying the other day about this situation. Ellie goes to a daycare center which as we are finding out means lots of money but not necessarily better care for your child...she has been bite three times in the past few months and the parents are not allowed to know who is biting her. Things are not being resolved to her parents satisfaction and so her comes my "BIG"idea. This Grandma is finding it difficult to put her new grandbabies into any daycare let alone one that doesn't seem to work hard at resolving issues. My daughter is also struggling with her daycare provider and the type of care her son is receiving. Women today find themselves in a tough place where a lot of them do have to work if they wish to own a home. Times are a lot harder then even when I was raising my children.

I offered to take care of all 4 of these grandchildren. Yes...a small fee will be charged to cover my expenses such as food, extra toys, carseats for fieldtrips and a double stroller. I think this will also help for all parties involved to realize it is different than just going to grandmas, it is a job. I know well it will be difficult for me but we are beginning slow. Hunter is coming one day a week until his sister arrives and than will be at home for 6 weeks. Eleanor will begin next month coming 2 or 3 days a week and one day at daycare so they will have a backup in case I need some time off or I get sick. I can provide a kind, loving and Godly based invironment for them to grow and nurture their young minds. I hope to show them what Jesus would want them to become as young men and women someday. The world they will grow up in is far different than mine and I hope to give them some tools to help them survive and skills to cope with the difficulties and challenges they will encounter as "Hopefully" Jesus followers. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotton Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have ETERNAL LIFE
If you feel led I would covet your prayers. I know it will a big challenge for me but I believe I am up up for the task if God gives me the wisdom and knowledge and strength to do this.
May God Bless You!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Here we are...the table is set and we are waiting for the family to arrive
some of the table settings have to be straighten

The centerpiece never got finished but no one will notice except me:)

We put all the food on the island and let everyone serve themselves so that there is room at the table for all the family ...we have a small space as you can see.
The beverage center is ready and the water is hot,
I have wassail and coffee in the kitchen
Grammy is getting the Christmas salad ready,
this is a new addition this year.
Now to tidy up that kitchen before everyone arrives and did you notice that apron WASHINGTON GIRL, a gift from my sister in law
The winter pillows have been placed on the sofa

The coffeetable centerpiece is in place but candles are not lit just yet

The Christmas nut bowl is out of range for little hands
Ellie loves to play with them

The buffet of desserts is ready except for the cheesecake

And now Hunter just arrived..lets see what is under the tree...

Stockings and an open gift for Hunter and Eleanor
This will give them something to play with so we can finish getting dinner ready

Grandpa is showing Hunter the doctor kit

Hunter was so excited to dump out his stocking

What is that Grandpa?
He loves M&M's
If you could see his face he kept saying wow...this for Hunter?

Grandpa is showing him how to push the little button to make the toy spin and light up

Now Ellie has arrived and it is her turn
A much quieter experience with her
Ellie likes to help Grammy in the kitchen

Ellie will be a big sister in July and Hunter will be a big brother on Feburary 25. Auntie Cheryl and Jo gave them shirts that say big brother and big sister...very cute

Now it is time for Hubby's isn't what I would have chosen but one must compromise when in a relationship RIGHT??? The red one looks beautiful in the bedroom. ( pictures to come later)

hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and God Bless in the New Year