In a well-furnished kitchen there are not only crystal goblets and silver platters, but waste cans and compost buckets---some containers used to serve fine meals, others to take out the garbage.
Become the kind of container God can use to present any and every kind of gift to his guests for their blessing.
" You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies." Psalm 23:5

Sunday, December 27, 2009


My grandaughter Alyssa wanted to help with pie making. She is 5 years old and wants to be an artist. She made all the pumpkin filling and her own little pie crust.
Teaching her to roll from the center so it is even, not thick on one side
She was catching on very fast. It was quite funny later when she was playing with her play-dough as she rolled it out she kept saying " roll from the center then out"

She said "Grandma yours looks better than mine." I told her it was years of practice. She is crimping the edges and did very well.

Waiting for the filling

Job well done and she thought maybe she would be a baker instead of an artist. I replied you can use your artist talent to make beautiful desserts. She thought that was a great idea.

Enjoying the fruits of her labor on Christmas Eve


Debbie said...

Alice, I wish I'd been there for pie crust 101. I use the store bought ones! Mine end up stuck to the counter and then to the wall. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. Wish we all lived closer. It would be fun to meet for a day of fellowship and fun! I'd like to try cross-country skis:D

Thistle Cove Farm said...

The pies look amazing; I'm the pie lady at community suppers and it always surprises me that no one bakes pies any more.
Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable and quite an artist and baker to create such a pie! What precious memories you have created. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Happy New Year!