In a well-furnished kitchen there are not only crystal goblets and silver platters, but waste cans and compost buckets---some containers used to serve fine meals, others to take out the garbage.
Become the kind of container God can use to present any and every kind of gift to his guests for their blessing.
" You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies." Psalm 23:5

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Ellie started daycare on Monday, it was a sad day for both of us. She went only half day and both mom and her cried. I was saying it is the same when they go off to kindergarten. Ellie calmed down and ate her breakfast and did well the rest of the time but grandma worried and worried until she got the phone call all was well. Here is our last day together.

She loves books

this is the first time she sat in the bean bag and pretended to be reading all by herself

Time for another selection

Those pictures look good I wonder if they taste good also...

ummm...let me try another one

hey grandma is this a cow story?

I think I will try this little book instead
It has been another great year taking care of my granchild but as I am not getting any younger I am having to call it quits. Five days a week is just too much at this age. I will be spending this first week resting up and trying to figure out what project I will start first. Paul has a doctors appointment on Wednesday and then we will try lunch at a tea room called JUST LIKE GRANDMAS it also has some specialty shops where I will enjoy browsing and hubby will try. Now if I remember the camera I will also share some pics. We are canceling the vacation out west in September but hope to try again in a few months. It may be January or February which is a great time not to be here but I am not so sure of it being great weather out west so I better make sure we have some raincoats, I already purchased the boots:) We have to be back in time for or next grandchild to be born sometime around the end of February.
I hope Hunter is going to get a baby sister, we will know sometime in October.


Mildred said...

Ellie is really a sweetheart. You have given her a good start and I know in time she will learn to love daycare. The tea room and shopping sound like a fun day. I hope you will share your trip with us. It will be exciting to find out if Hunter is having a brother or sister.

Sandra said...

Bet she kept you young -smile-. I know you'll miss her even while you're busy with your own projects.

KathyB. said...

I completely understand Alice.Looks like Ellie has had a very good and special time with you, she is so cute.One comfort is knowing her parents love her at least as much as you do( for sure, and then some) and would place her in only the best alternative to you they can find.I hope Paul is doing well, and we are looking forward to seeing you both whenever you get here!

A. Joy said...

Oh! She's not a baby anymore! What a cute little girl she is now! I'm sure she'll learn to read at an early age!