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Monday, September 20, 2010


Emma Krumbee's Apple Orchard in Belle Plaine, Minnesota
This is a great place to take the family, we took our grandson Hunter who is just 2 years old. There are so many things to do, there is a five dollar entrance fee and under 2 is free. We thought is was well worth the money. We started with a tour of the orchard and pumpkin patch to see where we wanted to pick apples. Lots of variety's to choose from.

We checked into the apple barn and paid for our bag. Grandpa also bought a container for raspberries so we got a few of those also. Hunter is ready to go, they even have wagons to borrow.

OK Grandpa..just a little higher please

Look at my apple

Where to next grandpa? This apple picking is fun!

Do these look ripe?

I think I will take this one apples in here maybe they are hiding behind these leaves.

Very tasty too!! The man at the entrace to the orchard said we could sample so I did.

Grandpa..I think I see some ripe berries over there.

Now off to the train ride, we are in the third car.

What a Grandma won't do for her grandkids..this is why I can't gain to much weight.

We are off to climb a mountain where there is a big tube slide..Hunter just loved pulling that wagon and being 2 he did not want any help.

Hunter decided we would just climb the mountain the slide was to long for him to be inside a tube. He has just started to go through the short tube slide at the park and this one was quite long and grandma was too big to go with.

I wanted to put our heads in here to get a picture but Hunter was getting tired and hungry so he did not cooperate , he also is afraid of animals up close so he did not want to feed the goats.

For all my bogger friends with goats

Time for lunch...we had to cross the bridge to get to the resturant

We got to the resturant ad there was an hour wait...not a good thing for a hungry 2 year old so we went to find a McDonalds and back on the bridge to the car.

A very tired little boy

There are so many things to do I didn't post all the pictures so I may do a part 2 also there was a bakery and general store, a flower shop and scarecrow festival. We had a great time.


Mildred said...

That looks like a wonderful visit. Hunter really enjoyed running around and sampling the apple; seems he wore himself completely out! Thanks for sharing such fun pictures. I'd love to see part 2.

Sandra said...

Alice, this looks like a lovely day. Did you get apples to make sauce and/or butter? I'm getting ready to make a batch of crock pot apple butter tomorrow.

A. Joy said...

Those photos in that order would make a cute children's book! Looks like fun! Nothin' but rain and more rain here now.