In a well-furnished kitchen there are not only crystal goblets and silver platters, but waste cans and compost buckets---some containers used to serve fine meals, others to take out the garbage.
Become the kind of container God can use to present any and every kind of gift to his guests for their blessing.
" You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies." Psalm 23:5

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Here we are...the table is set and we are waiting for the family to arrive
some of the table settings have to be straighten

The centerpiece never got finished but no one will notice except me:)

We put all the food on the island and let everyone serve themselves so that there is room at the table for all the family ...we have a small space as you can see.
The beverage center is ready and the water is hot,
I have wassail and coffee in the kitchen
Grammy is getting the Christmas salad ready,
this is a new addition this year.
Now to tidy up that kitchen before everyone arrives and did you notice that apron WASHINGTON GIRL, a gift from my sister in law
The winter pillows have been placed on the sofa

The coffeetable centerpiece is in place but candles are not lit just yet

The Christmas nut bowl is out of range for little hands
Ellie loves to play with them

The buffet of desserts is ready except for the cheesecake

And now Hunter just arrived..lets see what is under the tree...

Stockings and an open gift for Hunter and Eleanor
This will give them something to play with so we can finish getting dinner ready

Grandpa is showing Hunter the doctor kit

Hunter was so excited to dump out his stocking

What is that Grandpa?
He loves M&M's
If you could see his face he kept saying wow...this for Hunter?

Grandpa is showing him how to push the little button to make the toy spin and light up

Now Ellie has arrived and it is her turn
A much quieter experience with her
Ellie likes to help Grammy in the kitchen

Ellie will be a big sister in July and Hunter will be a big brother on Feburary 25. Auntie Cheryl and Jo gave them shirts that say big brother and big sister...very cute

Now it is time for Hubby's isn't what I would have chosen but one must compromise when in a relationship RIGHT??? The red one looks beautiful in the bedroom. ( pictures to come later)

hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and God Bless in the New Year


Debbie said...

Your decor is lovely and I really like that table cloth. You sure have a knack! Kids are adorable. Can't believe how Hunter has grown. Ellie is such a little doll. You have your hands and heart full. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice, It's fun to see all your pretty decorations and of course, the little ones are so sweet and are growing/changing so fast. This is going to be a busy year for your family. God bless.

Sandra said...

love your haircut, very chic and younger looking.
or, is that your baby sister?