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Become the kind of container God can use to present any and every kind of gift to his guests for their blessing.
" You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies." Psalm 23:5

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well...our little Ellie ended up in the ER late last night. We have been putting her on solid foods and it has been a slow journey because she just was not interested. Her mother is also weaning her to formula for the feeding while she is at work, so about half breast milk and half formula. This week she was having trouble pooping. She was crying every time she had to go and the last one last night would not come out. Her parents tried all the things the doctor said but nothing worked so they ended up at the hospital where they were able to help her relieve herself. My son said she is back to her happy self this morning.
I was thinking...maybe we should just listen to her body signals and go more slowly. When I was having babies, which by the way were all premies, I listened to my mother and others who were experienced at having children. It seems if I offer advice to any of my girls they are offended. After contemplating all night I think it is the mixed grain cereal. She is getting it twice a day starting last week, before that it was rice. I suggested to go back to rice cereal , applesauce and prunes. It seems our babies now are sensitive to so many foods and dairy is the worst. I never thought there would be a generation gap with my children but I guess there is. We grew up knowing that older adults had wisdom and knowledge that we could learn from. My girls think I am old school... such is life.
I am trying to decide whether or not to have an appetizer section in my cookbook. This book is not a how-to or learning how to cook book. It is a collection of recipes for each season. It will be four books in all, one for each season. I guess I could add the ones I would use for the holiday in each season...what do you think?
It is very slow going but will keep me busy for awhile and that is a good thing. The hardest part for me is trying to decide how many sections and what to put in each. I am not a writer...this is a little dream I have and am trying to make it come to life.


Debbie said...

I'm so glad Ellie is doing better. I also understand what you mean about trying to share advice with young mothers. You just never know how they'll react. When I had mine, my mom had alzheimers. I would have given much to be able to call her up and get some help.
I have no advice for a cookbook:)
I admire your efforts to do that tho.

Thom said...
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Thom said...

I really enjoy reading your e newspaper. Good articles, and pictures!
Keep it up

Carol............. said...

Hey, Old School is life experienced just takes a few years for the next generation to get the picture..

A. Joy said...

So glad Ellie is fine now! I hear that's a pretty common problem with babies switching to solids. MN had a tough time with that too and the person I called was my mom. Actually, she's the only one I ever call about anything - probably because I was homeschooled so she was my teacher anyway and also because I have no friends. And, usually , Mom has the answer and if she doesn't, Dad definitely does. Grandma B. was the other person that gave me valuable advice with my pregnancies. She's full of information and it's so great that she still has a terrific memory! You are free to give me all the advice and answers you have! I love it and have found that since I become more and more like my father and his sisters with each passing year - I better listen to how I can fix problems now! =)

Carol............. said...

It's so sad when babies don't feel well. I agree with you it's probably the fiber in the grain.

Yes, isn't if funny how us "old folk" know nothing about life! LOL