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Become the kind of container God can use to present any and every kind of gift to his guests for their blessing.
" You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies." Psalm 23:5

Friday, May 21, 2010


We have been on vacation this week and although we are not traveling away from home we are enjoying our time on short day trips. We decided to spend one day with our grandson Hunter who is a ball of energy,he has one speed run. It is so much fun to watch him toddle down the path arms swinging and little legs trying to keep up. Our plan was to take him to Mall Of America to the Underwater World Adventure. The exhibit was focusing on Jellyfish, although there would have been other fish too, I didn't think his attention span would hold for jellyfish. So we took a tour through the gardens. The fountain had the water running.
Hunter was fascinated by this
I was trying to get some pictures when he dedided to go for a swim. Grandpa caught him in time

We stopped to enjoy this fountain and some of the surrounding flowers

We came to visit and feed the ducks. Little did I know that there was a sign that asked us not to. They really should post them closer to the water.

Hunter has quite the arm..he may be a pitcher in the making. His great-grandpa was one

The geese in the back ground were fighting and making all kinds of sounds so Hunter wouldn't turn around for the pictures.

The flowers are blooming in the garden. I was almost to late for the tulips

We had to pull out a fruit snack to get Hunter away from the ducks and geese. He enjoyed that more than the flowers.

He loves fruit snacks. He will pop them in his mouth so fast until there are one or two left and then hang on to those for really is funny to watch.
He is very late in getting his teeth..just like his mother. I think he is working on a molar.

We found places for him to climb up and down

one last visit to the fountain and then it was time to go swimming at Grandmas

Grandpa has made him very happy..can you see that smile?

Swimming lessons with his Grandpa

Now it is time for lunch and a long nap for Hunter and his Grandparents:)


KathyB. said...

This looks like a fun day and to end it with a swim in the pool!

We enjoyed 4 of your grandchildren tonight. They are all so cute and sweet. Yes, they were all very sweet tonight.( so were your kids)

Carol............. said...

Hunter's a cutie! I looks like a fun day for you guys. It seems that most kids are fascinated by water.

I'll bet that you DID need a good nap after this adventure!

A. Joy said...

What fun pictures!!! Hunter is so cute and wow! What a treat to have a grandma and grandpa who have access to a pool!