In a well-furnished kitchen there are not only crystal goblets and silver platters, but waste cans and compost buckets---some containers used to serve fine meals, others to take out the garbage.
Become the kind of container God can use to present any and every kind of gift to his guests for their blessing.
" You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies." Psalm 23:5

Friday, May 29, 2009


Here is my mandarin orange azalea which is suffering from being transplanted and a hard cold winter. I am hoping with lots of TLC it will come back fuller and with more blossoms next season. We recieved a gift card from Hospice to purchase a plant in memory of our loved one who had passed(Pauls mother). He loved the one we had at our home in Washington State. This got me to thinking(always a dangerous thing) I am very homesick and miss all the beautiful plants we had back in my home state so I decided to make an acid loving garden (flower bed). They are developing varities that can with-stand our cold winters, with proper shelter and mulch. I then transplanted my two blueberry plants and they seem to be doing allright not sure if they will have berries this year but they will eventually. That is if I can protect them from birds and stray neighbor children. I recently added two rhododenrons. Beautiful red ones(like back home) One blossomed nicely the other just had leaves. I am looking forward to adding hydranges also. There is still a lot of work to be done here because we do not have acid soil. Gardening is an adventure for me...maybe you would like to come along?


Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

I had no idea you could grow Azaleas in Minnesota! Do you take them up and replant them in the Spring?

Wobegon Cottage said...

No..We have to mulch real good and protect the best we can. It was my first year so we will see how they do next year.